24 Hour Home Care Tailored To Your Loved One's Needs In Niles, IL

Independence is highly valued in this day and age. Of course, the urge to be independent does not vane with time. Seniors feel pride in being able to live on their own just as anyone else does. However, some seniors believe they need to move to a nursing home or assisted living facility if a recent medical event or condition has made them need around the clock care. However, 24 hour home care makes nursing homes and assisted living facilities a thing of the past.

24 hour home care is tailored to the needs of your parent. We will work with both you and your loved one, alongside their medical team to find a combination of home care solutions to allow them to live independently. Quality caregiving boils starts with open communication and trust, and that's precisely where we start when it comes to figuring out how to make 24 hour home care work best for your parent.

We divide our care in two major sections - personal care and companionship care. Each individual needs a particular combination of services and knowing what your loved one needs will depend on a number of factors including their current physical and mental ability and overall preferences. Our caregivers can provide your loved one with any number of services that we offer. This includes assistance with bathing and toileting, pet and garden care and light housekeeping. We can also offer assistance to seniors who can’t sleep, have sleep apnea or a condition that keeps them awake or are prone to wandering outside the house.

Of course, probably the most important aspect of making 24 hour home care work for your senior loved one is matching them with appropriate caregivers. Because your loved one requires around the clock care, they will be looked after in shifts. Despite the fact that all of our caregivers are incredibly passionate people who care about their jobs and the fact that we vet and train them extensively, we still need to make sure your loved one takes to their personalities and approaches. However, our extensive experience in this has enabled us to developed a number of ways for properly matching caregivers and clients.

If you would like to find out more about 24 hour home care, please give us a call at (847) 215-8550.

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