Personal In Home Care in Highland Park, IL

At Comfort Keepers, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality personal care services to older adults in Highland Park. Personal care is an important aspect of in home care because it makes it easier for seniors to complete basic tasks that are crucial for their physical health and safety. Let’s take a closer look at what some of these personal in home care services are:

Personal Hygiene

Tasks such as bathing and grooming can be a real challenge for seniors. They may no longer have the physical or mental abilities to take a shower or bath, brush their teeth, or comb their hair. For this reason, our caregivers or Comfort Keepers assist with personal hygiene related tasks and ensure that older adults feel confident in their own skin.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

Seniors can get embarrassed when they find that they can no longer take care of themselves when going to the bathroom. Since Comfort Keepers is well aware of this sense of embarrassment, we help seniors with toileting and incontinence care without taking away their self-esteem or dignity.

 Transferring and Positioning

Moving from a bed to a wheelchair or a wheelchair to a bed in a safe way can reduce a senior’s risk of injuries. Comfort Keepers have been trained to use proper lifting techniques to transfer older adults from one point to another.

Mobility Assistance

One of the most common physical hardships for older adults is a loss in mobility. Older adults may find that they are not able to move in the same way they used to in their younger years. With our mobility assistance service, seniors can maintain their hobbies, interests, and interests without worrying about whether they can get to a certain place. Additionally, Comfort Keepers may encourage some Highland Park seniors to try a mobility assistance device such as a cane.

Feeding and Diet Assistance

A well-balanced, nutrient rich diet is a must for seniors who would like to stay healthy. However, many older adults suffer from a loss of appetite or are unable to feed themselves. In this situation, a Comfort Keeper can sit with them and try to make meal time a fun event. In addition, he or she can ensure that older adults who need to stick to a certain diet are able to do so.

Intrigued by our offerings? If so, do not hesitate to call Comfort Keepers at (847) 215-8550. We can’t wait to provide you with further information on in home care!

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