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Prescription Drugs and Overmedication: A Complex Puzzle

Jan 29, 2018 by Alex Holden

For some, taking medications is essential to maintaining health, and can’t be avoided. But evidence suggests -- and experts agree -- that millions of people are taking more medications than needed. Read Article

Seniors and Driving Safety

Jan 23, 2018 by Anonymous

While the combination of these factors can make driving dangerous for older adults, there are tips and best practices they can follow to ensure their safety on the road and preserve their independence. Read Article

Vaccines for Healthy Aging

Jan 17, 2018 by Anonymous

One of the most important choices seniors can make to promote healthy aging is to vaccinate themselves against illnesses and diseases that can be detrimental to their health and sometimes even fatal. Read Article

Cold Weather Falls are Preventable

Jan 12, 2018 by Alex Holden

The National Institutes of Health offers a sobering statistic related to falls among seniors: 1.6 million older adults go to the emergency room each year due to fall-related injuries. Read Article

The Thyroid Gland as We Age: What Seniors Should Know

Jan 8, 2018 by Alex Holden

The chances of developing thyroid disease increase dramatically with age – so much so that nearly 20% of women 60 years of age and older have some form of the disease. Read Article

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